Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stealth Cars come to Ohio, Tesla

     If a Tesla goes 100 mph down route 18 and nobody hears it, did it make a sound ?  If it is not heard  did the event really occur? And if it is not heard will anyone care? Although short on range this car is high performance. But I saw one in Montrose and it is teeny tiny, so big guys stay with your Corvettes. and it will only threaten a Corvette up to about 100, but the Corvette driver will never hear the Tesla coming up from behind. Actually if I had a Tesla I would put in an electronic sound box that is switchable. These mimic high dollar car's engine sounds. To both play with people's minds ( isn't a Tesla an electric car? Why is it making Ferrari sounds?) and for safety. As my biker buds would say " loud pipes save lives ".  But the " silent treatment  "would be a good asset for knifing traffic without waking Barney Fife up from his nap. In the wrong hands a Tesla could become a menace to society. Unheard cars will have less traffic presence. Sound is another sing that other vehicles are around. Perhaps there should be a minimum
sound decibel level! Will Tesla's become the cause of accidents if they are not heard? We shall see.

Joni mitchell sang "Something's lost but something's gained in living every day." Each improvement brings new challenge. Stealth car drivers will have to develop a whole new set of driving skills because of " The Sound of Silence "

" And the
vision that was planted in my brain "

" Still remains"

"Within the sound of
silence. "
Simon and Garfunkel " The Sound of Silence "
For a Boomer like me, this car is spooky. Fury, but little to no sound. like the floating ghosts in " House on Haunted Hill ". This will spook even the cops1
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Typos And Tools

Line Errors and Other Gremlins
             I will start using DreamWeaver for blogging as soon as i get system issues ironed out. As can be seen in the last post there are a number of ugly line shifts and other errors that this Google blog client does not make convenient to change. So bear with me folks I will sort it out while trying hard to maintain the guiding tenet of avoiding to many notices.


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Sorry about the repeat notices Folks!

The Problem  Three people have told me the have gotten repeat notices from my site And I had to think through the process to figure out why. I would like you all to get notices when I post. But only if you want them, so let me know. I could turn them off altogether. However since I have as yet to see evidence that anyone is going to my site volutarily I had activated them in order to drum up attention. The intent is to get hypertextuals to grok my site.Not drive them away. So I entirely apologize.

The Analytic Result  I am new to this venue friends. I did not know how easy it is, nor how to deploy it. Despite taking classes< during which I was struggling with real life issues elsewhere, I did not develor the structural understanding that 1 week's constant use of the tools has given me.  Here is why I think you are sometimes getting repeat notices. It comes from the controls used when a blogger thinks the blog is ready. there is a " save as draft " button and a " publish " button.  Now in the web editors I have used  " publish " goes to a file in an online or offline folder. but there is no Gmail notice sent because that is through
TCP/IP and not this ASP editor.

                    I am not a good typist. My fingers are short and fat and my knuckles too arthritic from to much XBox and the breaking of 8 inch thick concrete with a sixteen pound hammer. I make lots of mistakes I proof read even though I get so excited about sharing stories that I want to send then out in order to hear what people have to say about them. No one has responded on my blog yet but that time will come as well. So, dumb me, intent on my creative thought was oblivious to the sending of notices to many times because of a couple of reasons. Like seeing a final typo just as I hit " Publish " . Revising the article at a later time means I have to hit it again. and lastly I sometimes hit Publishing just to see how the formatting looks on the page.
Quality control of the design in effect.

The Fix  I had expected Gmail to be reasonable rather than  " brain dead ", to use an old computer term. Today's systems seem to want to do your thinking for you so much that they build up the expectation that they will do things like limiting the number of times a notice for a particular post is sent out. Perhaps it is only we elders who think that way because compared to our old 16 and 32 bit systems todays machines are almost fully automated.

New Posting Guideline    at FluxStream Communications ©.  The formulae is as follows

                                             Save Draft = [ (n) x (?)]

                                               Publish = [ (n) x ( =1)] ©fsm2009

I trust the beleagured masses will approve. I shall endeavor to retain the principle encompassed above.
If you get more than one notice for this one let me know. I may be hitting a key combo by accident or maybe Gmail really does have a mind of it's own.

            So Here Goes I am Hitting the Key !
                                 Please tell me it worked.


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How is a Compelling Production Design Put Together?

What makes people want to see a video production? Whether it is for a music video, a training film or a commercial the same component is needed. Planning !

The estimation stage
This starts with an initial meeting between the client and the production provider. This first meeting determines the ideas of the client and establishes the exact type of production that will most likely fill the client's need. From there a prospectus is drawn up. This is a production plan starting with a script idea and worked through  to a plan outlining all of the elements that will be necessary for it to become an full production effort. Costs are detailed as well as establishing what is done and a schedule for completion of each stage of the work.

The planning stage
What kinds of things must be planned for? Well a production can be simple and low cost or fully staged and elaborate. Here thanks to is a video of one of my favorite singing groups singing a song familiar to my generation. Think about all of what had to be planned in this performance. Watchable video must be planned and that plan carried out from conception to realization.

As can be seen, there are some rather expensive elements here, however the list is much the same at any budget level. Staging, lighting, makeup, costumes, talent and equipment to name a few. But pre-planning and final planning revolve around a script, and a vision of what that script should look like on the screen.  How it is lit, how the camera and talent move, what is said or performed are all a part of the script writing process.

With good writing must come good direction. A director takes the production plan and guides the crew and cast to fulfilling the vision that he and the producer create which the client agreed to and approved. First as ideas and then recorded into the script and production plans. At which time the client still has to give full approval.

Financial concerns
But aren't video productions expensive?  That is determined at the earliest meeting. The client comes with a need. A need assessment process is completed and compared to the result the client expects, and the money that they can allocate to making their ideas real as a video product. If an agreement is found, then  a financial plan which has already been started, is then re-reviewed and finalized by both parties. Big or small productions are possible. Because the client knows what the money is going for from the prospectus they can expect to pay only for what is agreed to unless changes are made at their request. If problems arise a production can be modified, renegotiated or curtailed at the bidding of either or both parties.

Evaluation and review process
At each stage goals are set and timelines established. The client can chose to participate in the process or trust in the crew to carry out the vision and plans for it's completion. Furthermore, the more elements that the client can provide from their own resources in terms of sweat equity, shot location, props, costuming and even talent from staff whom they already employ the lower the additional costs will be. Even productions for the most simple design can be accomodated, depending upon the client's need and purpose.

Post production
And how is the work completed? That depends on what was stated as the intent and purpose in the first meeting. which was then assessed and then evaluated for feasibility and cost effectiveness. So you can understand that great attention to detail and a range of concerns is of paramount importance from beginning to end. Customers looking for video production services are well advised to know what they want. what they want to accomplish with the end product. How it will be used, and what they expect to get in return.
Whether the end is visualized as a broadcast program or commercial message, a public service announcement. employee training or promotion for business and industry or a community group message for a public cause, this advice applies. The internet provides a relatively new world wide venue for any purpose. As was exemplified by this performance of " Twilight Zone " by Manhattan Transfer in a webstreaming video right on your desktop. And individuals,groups and commercial enterprises are taking advantage of this medium to persuade and build bridges to their respective audiences. That is the magic of digital technology. New tools used in new ways to exchange information that stimulates individual and social actions very effectively.

Fade out
In simplified form that sums it up. And the stages are very similar to a process for erecting a building structure, or fabricating a bird house for the backyard. The differences being only in the degree of elaboration and finances.   © Fluxstream Communications by Fluxstringer

Friday, September 4, 2009

Please Folks, Leave Feedback!

Below eacn post there are little check boxes. do ya love it do ya hate it ? ETC.
Is there anything you would like to see here or share? 

I want to know what subjects you are interested in. What makes a good video? What purposes can video be used for in your life?  If you could make a video what would you want it to say?

How would you say it. Gentle or sassy-snarky.  If the subject was serious how would you say it politely yet still carry your message clearly. Are academic or technical subjects easy to put into words that everyone can understand? If not how do you think that can be approved?

so leave written comments or send an email via this page or other means and tell me your thoughts. I am interested and need to know so I can serve up video production services which satisfy the needs of clients.

All the best, Adrian   

Photo courtesy of

So That's Why MMO's Are Popular!

I have been laughing and bouncing to this catchy tune for two days. A pop groove tune with seductive lyrics, Groovy arrangement with a great dance beat ( I give it a ten Dick ! Clark to those of you under 50! ) and fun-stuff video.

All of which detail and highlight digital life and fair trade romance. ( did he just say what I think he said? ) Well listen for yourself and if you are offended just edit that part out and groove or buy it from Walmart who will be glad to have already done it for you! Filtered innuendo anyone ? That's OK, then the tots can bounce along with guilt free parents to this celebration of new millenium pop.

actually that is probably appropriate in many cases. Not everyone needs to hear confusing messages. But everyone needs to hear and see this happy little tune that will take the world by sword and digisex storm.

So Here it is!  

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hypertexting Beats Email Like Ashely Force Racing a Man With a Go Kart

I'm getting to like modern communications it is not as hard or time consumming as I had feared. Fear of facebook, could that be a modern neuroses? Are hypertexters happier people?

I know I am happier because although I still use email, hypercommunication " is da bomb " dropping a video clip or song onto your friend's facewall and sharing a communication throught he meaning of a song reaches a deeper level of understanding and sharing. Like sending hundreds of messages worth at once, right into their mindview. Talk about revolutionary! 

The Chinese said " A picture is worth a thousand words ", since I started editing video I have said " How many words are video pictures at a given frame rate worth?".

In other words at what rate can messages be delivered and at what rate of communication directly into the perceptions of friends and others spurring actions and ideas and fostering growth and development of their plans ideas, agendas and purposes. 

Most of us get online every day and check email, news,shopping and some surfing. using facebook or another social net site for this makes even more sense. Yes there are pitfalls. But the benefits outweigh the risks. I encourage each and every one to try facebook. if you don't like it just cancel out. Like any other online service.

But after a week you might get to know the beauty of communicating thoughts and moods much more effectively than when using smilies or plain texting.
It's 2009 flux travelers. time to go with the flow if we want to get anywhere.

I know some will say "no one is going anywhere!" But think about the changes in the world today and your position in that world. You are on a journey like it or not. The earth spins at about a thousand miles and hour. You are on it going roughly that speed, adjusting for lattitude. What ever you are doing you are going at least that fast.  And I do not know how fast the Earth travels in it's course around the Sun. But you are on it going at that speed too. " Spaceship Earth" Bucky Fuller called it. 

Additionally you are on a journey of life. Growing, moving through the distance of time. moving in Flux.  As Heraclitus seen above, pointed out ;

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

We are all in Flux thus Flux communications and it's derivatives were born to the realization that we can drown in the flow or learn to swim to the other shore. 
Or perhaps we can FluxDream a vehicle to transport us to the manifestation of our
goals for a peaceful prosperous future.

You can transport yourself with the services of FluxStringer Communications by embarking with us on our common journey, or facilitate your own journey by making use of our production services and products for developing and reaching common goals. Web journeys, community service journeys, promotional journeys, you get the idea.

Hypertextualization makes the mind come alive. Don't think of Kirk in the chair being brutally fed information, Or the " Clockwork Orange " droogie being brain washed by overstimulation. Think of how informational messages can be conveyed quickly and effectively across to your audience. And where you want them to go.

But be aware with FluxStreaming our goalsare peace, love and understanding.
We may show military themes on occaision. However we are concerned more with bringing the world together by peaceful means of cooperation, and not domination. And the same concept should be considered as core for any of our work. That is not to say we are not willing to depict violence, as violence is a theme throughout our history. But we do it in the spirit of hope that the need for violence will be relieved by our ameliorative actions of cooperation.

\a*mel"io*ra*tive\ (&?;), a. tending to ameliorate; producing amelioration or improvement; as, ameliorative remedies, efforts.
" So, let us ameliorate the eschaton thus we 
will not fear or regret it" 
Adrian the picarseque hypertextual
aka ; FluxStringe; The FluxDreamer 

All the best my friends!

Oh! BTW Ashely Force? Like her Dad she is already legendary at an early age.
You inspire girl!
And go karts? they're cool too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

InFlux Art at DeviantART !

InFlux is happy to announce FluxStringer's  3D Raytraced creations are now featured on DeviantART.Com !

These sample images are meant to be eye pleasing and evocative I hope you like them!
 Feel free to download, as I hope you like my work that much. But please leave feedback such that my
thoughts and skill may grow and "more better" FluxDreams can come your way at a stronger flow!

When you get to the tree 
click above where it says 3D RAYTRACING

Click below to go directly to

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lengthy In Utero Phase Moving Along, Birth Imminent

The web space has been acquired, the flow charts are in my head
( have been for years, sorry about that ) time to wake up world, FluxStream/FluxDream Communication and Production is coming!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dipping my toes, testing the water. But hey, I'm a Pisces baby!

Shower me with your feelings how does my art make you feel? Look close and listen to your voice within. Come on, let me hear it! Let it out because the silence here is deafening.