Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hypertexting Beats Email Like Ashely Force Racing a Man With a Go Kart

I'm getting to like modern communications it is not as hard or time consumming as I had feared. Fear of facebook, could that be a modern neuroses? Are hypertexters happier people?

I know I am happier because although I still use email, hypercommunication " is da bomb " dropping a video clip or song onto your friend's facewall and sharing a communication throught he meaning of a song reaches a deeper level of understanding and sharing. Like sending hundreds of messages worth at once, right into their mindview. Talk about revolutionary! 

The Chinese said " A picture is worth a thousand words ", since I started editing video I have said " How many words are video pictures at a given frame rate worth?".

In other words at what rate can messages be delivered and at what rate of communication directly into the perceptions of friends and others spurring actions and ideas and fostering growth and development of their plans ideas, agendas and purposes. 

Most of us get online every day and check email, news,shopping and some surfing. using facebook or another social net site for this makes even more sense. Yes there are pitfalls. But the benefits outweigh the risks. I encourage each and every one to try facebook. if you don't like it just cancel out. Like any other online service.

But after a week you might get to know the beauty of communicating thoughts and moods much more effectively than when using smilies or plain texting.
It's 2009 flux travelers. time to go with the flow if we want to get anywhere.

I know some will say "no one is going anywhere!" But think about the changes in the world today and your position in that world. You are on a journey like it or not. The earth spins at about a thousand miles and hour. You are on it going roughly that speed, adjusting for lattitude. What ever you are doing you are going at least that fast.  And I do not know how fast the Earth travels in it's course around the Sun. But you are on it going at that speed too. " Spaceship Earth" Bucky Fuller called it. 

Additionally you are on a journey of life. Growing, moving through the distance of time. moving in Flux.  As Heraclitus seen above, pointed out ;

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

We are all in Flux thus Flux communications and it's derivatives were born to the realization that we can drown in the flow or learn to swim to the other shore. 
Or perhaps we can FluxDream a vehicle to transport us to the manifestation of our
goals for a peaceful prosperous future.

You can transport yourself with the services of FluxStringer Communications by embarking with us on our common journey, or facilitate your own journey by making use of our production services and products for developing and reaching common goals. Web journeys, community service journeys, promotional journeys, you get the idea.

Hypertextualization makes the mind come alive. Don't think of Kirk in the chair being brutally fed information, Or the " Clockwork Orange " droogie being brain washed by overstimulation. Think of how informational messages can be conveyed quickly and effectively across to your audience. And where you want them to go.

But be aware with FluxStreaming our goalsare peace, love and understanding.
We may show military themes on occaision. However we are concerned more with bringing the world together by peaceful means of cooperation, and not domination. And the same concept should be considered as core for any of our work. That is not to say we are not willing to depict violence, as violence is a theme throughout our history. But we do it in the spirit of hope that the need for violence will be relieved by our ameliorative actions of cooperation.

\a*mel"io*ra*tive\ (&?;), a. tending to ameliorate; producing amelioration or improvement; as, ameliorative remedies, efforts.
" So, let us ameliorate the eschaton thus we 
will not fear or regret it" 
Adrian the picarseque hypertextual
aka ; FluxStringe; The FluxDreamer 

All the best my friends!

Oh! BTW Ashely Force? Like her Dad she is already legendary at an early age.
You inspire girl!
And go karts? they're cool too!

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