Friday, September 4, 2009

Please Folks, Leave Feedback!

Below eacn post there are little check boxes. do ya love it do ya hate it ? ETC.
Is there anything you would like to see here or share? 

I want to know what subjects you are interested in. What makes a good video? What purposes can video be used for in your life?  If you could make a video what would you want it to say?

How would you say it. Gentle or sassy-snarky.  If the subject was serious how would you say it politely yet still carry your message clearly. Are academic or technical subjects easy to put into words that everyone can understand? If not how do you think that can be approved?

so leave written comments or send an email via this page or other means and tell me your thoughts. I am interested and need to know so I can serve up video production services which satisfy the needs of clients.

All the best, Adrian   

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