Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry about the repeat notices Folks!

The Problem  Three people have told me the have gotten repeat notices from my site And I had to think through the process to figure out why. I would like you all to get notices when I post. But only if you want them, so let me know. I could turn them off altogether. However since I have as yet to see evidence that anyone is going to my site volutarily I had activated them in order to drum up attention. The intent is to get hypertextuals to grok my site.Not drive them away. So I entirely apologize.

The Analytic Result  I am new to this venue friends. I did not know how easy it is, nor how to deploy it. Despite taking classes< during which I was struggling with real life issues elsewhere, I did not develor the structural understanding that 1 week's constant use of the tools has given me.  Here is why I think you are sometimes getting repeat notices. It comes from the controls used when a blogger thinks the blog is ready. there is a " save as draft " button and a " publish " button.  Now in the web editors I have used  " publish " goes to a file in an online or offline folder. but there is no Gmail notice sent because that is through
TCP/IP and not this ASP editor.

                    I am not a good typist. My fingers are short and fat and my knuckles too arthritic from to much XBox and the breaking of 8 inch thick concrete with a sixteen pound hammer. I make lots of mistakes I proof read even though I get so excited about sharing stories that I want to send then out in order to hear what people have to say about them. No one has responded on my blog yet but that time will come as well. So, dumb me, intent on my creative thought was oblivious to the sending of notices to many times because of a couple of reasons. Like seeing a final typo just as I hit " Publish " . Revising the article at a later time means I have to hit it again. and lastly I sometimes hit Publishing just to see how the formatting looks on the page.
Quality control of the design in effect.

The Fix  I had expected Gmail to be reasonable rather than  " brain dead ", to use an old computer term. Today's systems seem to want to do your thinking for you so much that they build up the expectation that they will do things like limiting the number of times a notice for a particular post is sent out. Perhaps it is only we elders who think that way because compared to our old 16 and 32 bit systems todays machines are almost fully automated.

New Posting Guideline    at FluxStream Communications ©.  The formulae is as follows

                                             Save Draft = [ (n) x (?)]

                                               Publish = [ (n) x ( =1)] ©fsm2009

I trust the beleagured masses will approve. I shall endeavor to retain the principle encompassed above.
If you get more than one notice for this one let me know. I may be hitting a key combo by accident or maybe Gmail really does have a mind of it's own.

            So Here Goes I am Hitting the Key !
                                 Please tell me it worked.


©© FluxStream Communication 2009

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