Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stealth Cars come to Ohio, Tesla

     If a Tesla goes 100 mph down route 18 and nobody hears it, did it make a sound ?  If it is not heard  did the event really occur? And if it is not heard will anyone care? Although short on range this car is high performance. But I saw one in Montrose and it is teeny tiny, so big guys stay with your Corvettes. and it will only threaten a Corvette up to about 100, but the Corvette driver will never hear the Tesla coming up from behind. Actually if I had a Tesla I would put in an electronic sound box that is switchable. These mimic high dollar car's engine sounds. To both play with people's minds ( isn't a Tesla an electric car? Why is it making Ferrari sounds?) and for safety. As my biker buds would say " loud pipes save lives ".  But the " silent treatment  "would be a good asset for knifing traffic without waking Barney Fife up from his nap. In the wrong hands a Tesla could become a menace to society. Unheard cars will have less traffic presence. Sound is another sing that other vehicles are around. Perhaps there should be a minimum
sound decibel level! Will Tesla's become the cause of accidents if they are not heard? We shall see.

Joni mitchell sang "Something's lost but something's gained in living every day." Each improvement brings new challenge. Stealth car drivers will have to develop a whole new set of driving skills because of " The Sound of Silence "

" And the
vision that was planted in my brain "

" Still remains"

"Within the sound of
silence. "
Simon and Garfunkel " The Sound of Silence "
For a Boomer like me, this car is spooky. Fury, but little to no sound. like the floating ghosts in " House on Haunted Hill ". This will spook even the cops1
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